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SASOL Mozambique Offshore Drilling Project (MODE)

The MODE Project started with the drilling of one well at Mupeji 1 (approximately 105 km due west from Inhassoro in Mozambique waters) to commence by July 2012 with the option of drilling a second well (Mupeji 2) based on the findings on the first well.

PGA Engineers provided expert cost modeling, vendor management and engineering analysis for the provision of a robust telecommunications and IT broadband backbone infrastructure linking the three operational sites (Offshore Rig, Beira Project Office and Rosebank Head-Office). Each site was fully equipped with suitable site-specific IT and communications equipment so that the pre-determined and agreed service levels were achieved at each site. The final solution consisted of VSAT satellite communications, IT data network, Air/Marine VHF Radio Systems, and 24 hours battery backup and emergency power.


To guide the client on the best communications technology for each specific site.

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